East Village Roof Garden

Photo: Bilyana Dimitrova

Foto di una grande terrazza design sul tetto con fontane —  Houzz
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gianpiero_genoveseGianpiero Genovese ha scritto: 19 novembre 2017
  • Gianpiero Genovese
    4 anni fa
  • PRO
    4 anni fa

    Hi, the water trough is fabricated from Cor-Ten steel. The inside of the trough has a liner to protect the Cor-Ten. It is important for this metal to be able to dry completely between rain cycles. The outside surface is fine as it is able to dry off but the water on the inside of the trough would quickly corrode the metal and cause the surface to start to flake off. Eventually this would lead to the metal rusting out. We used a product called Pond Armor which is applied in a wet (roll on) application to seal the interior surfaces. It has held up really well and is black so it becomes invisible below the waterline. Hope this is of some help. Good luck with your project!

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Claire Jones lo ha aggiunto a Garden and pergola23 agosto 2022

Stained wood - looks nicer than I thought it would

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