Designer Cosmetic Makeup Magnifying Mirror

Makeup mirrors are a woman’s or a man’s best friend, they can save you from foundation lines, overgrown eyebrows, and other preventable beauty blunders. Before shopping for a quality makeup mirror, we recommend narrowing down your choices by learning which type of makeup mirror will not only look great in your bathroom, but have you looking your best as well. Magnifying mirrors will give you a new perspective on your skin while cosmetic mirrors are designed to give you red carpet style in the comfort of your own home. Magnifying mirrors can also be found as double face mirrors, with different magnifications on each mirror face. The most popular magnification is 5x as it is ideal for brow tweezing and perfecting eyeliner. Facial mirrors are great for the man of the bathroom and make shaving safer and easier. Lighted Makeup Mirrors are ideal if you want to make the most of each brush, line, and stroke when applying your makeup. Wall Mounted Makeup Mirrors are becoming increasingly popular, we know find them as a standard in hotel rooms. Many of them have extendable arms, which gives you the freedom to adjust it as needed for better lighting or positioning. Additionally, many lighted mirrors today are also wall mounted, which gives you another option to choose from. The best part is several lighted makeup mirrors are now battery powered, which saves you the headaches of hardwired installations. Free Standing Makeup Mirrors, probably the most popular option in this category. Free standing makeup mirrors are fashionable and trendy. They are easy to move from one room to the other or simply closer to a window or better lighting. No matter the type of makeup mirror you choose, you can always rely on one to help you transform into a professional makeup artist and aid you in your quest for flawless skin. Browse our large selection of European makeup mirror collections:

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