Creating Space in Glassell Park

We started by levelling the top area into two terraced lawns of low water Kurapia and more than doubling the space on the lower level with retaining walls. We built a striking new pergola with a graphic steel-patterned roof to make a covered seating area. Along with creating shade, the roof casts a movie reel of shade patterns throughout the day. Now there is ample space to kick back and relax, watching the sun spread its glow on the surrounding hillside as it makes its slow journey down the horizon towards sunset. An aerodynamic fan keeps the air pleasantly cool and refreshing. At night the backyard comes alive with an ethereal lighting scheme illuminating the space and making it a place you can enjoy well into the night. It’s the perfect place to end the day.

Ispirazione per un giardino xeriscape industriale esposto in pieno sole di medie dimensioni e dietro casa in primavera con recinzione in legno, un muro di contenimento e pavimentazioni in cemento —  Houzz
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  • Giardino industriale
  • Giardino xeriscape industriale
  • Giardino xeriscape di medie dimensioni
  • Giardino xeriscape con un muro di contenimento
  • Industriale Giardini
  • Giardini
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