Courtyard Oasis 4

The Courtyard Oasis project encompasses what abarnai does best; remodeling a space with an emphasis on functional installation artwork. Our clients wanted a beautiful and tranquil outdoor space as a seamless extension of their indoor living space. They initially described the outdoor area as a drainage ditch, and to transform it into a Courtyard Oasis required detailed design work and creative collaboration. An open central patio, with custom trellises as a living focal point, was the starting point of the design to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces and allow the courtyard area to be divided into different zones -- for relaxing, entertaining and gardening. The abarnai team loved this project because they go to completely revamp the area and utilize a wide variety of design and building skills, including patio construction, custom trellis artwork, composite decking and stairs, a wood retaining wall, feature lighting systems, planting areas, and a sprinkler system.

Idee per un patio o portico minimal di medie dimensioni e in cortile con piastrelle —  Houzz
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