City Beach

Looking for a unique garden that embraced the harsh location and unique architectural characteristics of the contemporary home, the owner employed the expertise of Tim Davies and Levi Carter of Tim Davies Landscaping to design and build this stunning landscape.
Being in close proximity to the coast, the planting palette needed to be closely considered to create a landscape that would be able to withstand the conditions. The client was determined to have a mature finish to the garden. In order to achieve this, Tim and Levi sourced a range of mature trees from around the state that were suitable for relocation. These species included Poinciana, Olive, Frangipani and Magnolia trees. Custom ornamentation also creates focal points throughout, while large graphite granite bowls and a custom solid granite planter alongside the pool work to tie the spaces together.
This minimal, contemporary design by Tim Davies Landscaping combines high-quality finishes with mature, lush planting to create habitable spaces that work aesthetically.

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lachlan_handley65 lo ha aggiunto a Front Garden28 luglio 2022

Right hand darker colour planter box, could use feature plant

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