Bathrooms (Mediterranean Style)

Image by 'Ancient Surfaces'
Product name: Antique Stone and Marble Bathroom Elements.
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Those antique stone elements used in creating the crème de la crème of award winning bathrooms could be used today in rendering your humble bathroom into a magical indoor dreamscape equivalent to having your own exotic travel destination just a few step away from bed.

Allow yourself a full body and mind therapy that will let you unwind and escape from life's constraints and worries for an ephemeral period that will feel like an eternity...

From our antique marble and stone sinks, specialty reclaimed shower stones, floors and counter vanities, all our stone creations are guaranteed to give your bathroom a unique composition and arcane feel.

Our stone elements are considered by many high profile designers and architects a badge of honor that helps them achieve an overall creative design vision for your house.

Immagine di una stanza da bagno mediterranea con lavabo a bacinella e lastra di pietra —  Houzz
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3rd Level Designs lo ha aggiunto a Contemporary Spanish Master Suite23 gennaio 2019

look in mirror to see ceiling and rough hewn stone - something to explore rather than all tile

Pacific Coast Custom Design lo ha aggiunto a brandon ideas17 luglio 2017

backsplash similar height to vessel

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