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When we first started talking in the spring of 2015, I was impressed. She was witty, realistic, and understood that as much as she loves my shows on HGTV, design does not does not happen in 43 minutes! She told me about her space, and how she felt that her bedroom seemed “blah” to her. She had no retreat. Molly desperately longed for a place that she could spend time in, read in, play in and above all, relax in.

What we did:
Many people are terrified of hiring a designer. Rightfully so, they are investing a pretty penny in their homes. They want to make sure that everything, down to the last floral arrangement, is to their liking, because they will have to live it (and pay for it). Unfortunately, a client can unintentionally stifle a designer’s creativity through micro-management. This can produce lackluster results and ultimately cause more time (and money) to be spent on a project than is really necessary.

With Molly, that was never an issue. Before she even showed me the room in question, she said that I could have full creative license to do what I needed to do to her bedroom. SAY WHAAH!?

With Molly giving me complete creative freedom, I planned everything out and got down to business. The result: Bite-your-bottom-lip sexy. I don’t get jealous of too many of my clients’ spaces, but this one still takes my breath away every time I look at the pics!

The craziest part was that by adding more furniture, it actually made the space feel larger.
Molly and her husband Patrick loved the finished space, and promised me I will be back to finish the rest of the house!

Here’s the highlights of the rest of the project:

I came up with a space plan with three options.
Next, we reviewed mood boards and fabric schemes that would work for both Molly and her hubby Patrick.
We started with the bed. My goal was to add edge to its otherwise traditional style.
We decided to spice things up by painting the trim work in the room black.
We built in layers of lighting with dimmers. In a bedroom everything should be on dimmers, right? Right.
We designed and customized bedding, chairs and window treatments.
Together with Molly, we selected the most perfect wallpaper. This geometric “grasscloth” adds so much depth and dimension that was just missing before.

What I love:

That light fixture. I mean it is really, really amazing in person.
The porcupine mirror. This thing came packaged like it was the hope diamond, and everyone was terrified to handle it. But it really became a highlight of the room.

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penelope66690 lo ha aggiunto a Chambre27 aprile 2021

papier peint, alliance couleur bleue avec bois foncé, équilibré different tons bleus(rideaux, coussins, murs et draps blancs

Olga Worah lo ha aggiunto a V&O Bedroom Design Ideas For Georgina3 aprile 2021

Style and colour. Not the mirror and reduce the amount of blue, e.g. change curtains to cream

Yvonne R lo ha aggiunto a Yvonne's Ideas2 aprile 2021

like the way they're taken one color and used different shades

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