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Antique Iron Gate Retrofit
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This authentic iron gate was purchased by our client at an antique bazaar without having a real direction as to how it would be incorporated on the construction of her new home in Long Beach, CA. We took the gate in for one of our in-house designer and iron-forge craftsman. Together they were able to develop a plan of action for the installation of the gate which included hand-forging authentic-looking posts and working hinges to attach to the gate leaving no trace of the modifications for a truly unique architectural appearance.

The work we did around the house was meticulously thought out to evoke authentic European design that looks like it's been there forever.

Dynamic Garage Door retrofitted a few gates surrounding the property and also designed and crafted a unique reclaimed barn wood garden gate you'll see in the other project pictures.

Our designers strive to create the most astounding garage door, gate and shutter projects you'll find on!

Foto di un giardino mediterraneo in ombra di medie dimensioni e nel cortile laterale con pavimentazioni in pietra naturale —  Houzz
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Dynamic Garage Door lo ha aggiunto a Rustic Garden Gates16 aprile 2014

This is a fabulous rustic iron gate design. What a great way to retrofit an authentic antique iron gate. Great iron gate design and retrofit installation!

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