Arden Park Mid Century Modern

This client grew up in this 1950’s family home and has now become owner in his adult life. Designing and remodeling this childhood home that the client was very bonded and familiar with was a tall order. This modern twist of original mid-century style combined with an eclectic fusion of modern day materials and concepts fills the room with a powerful presence while maintaining its clean lined austerity and elegance. The kitchen was part of a grander complete home re-design and remodel.
A modern version of a mid-century His and Hers grand master bathroom was created to include all the amenities and nothing left behind! This bathroom has so much noticeable and hidden “POW” that commands its peaceful spa feeling with a lot of attitude. Maintaining ultra-clean lines yet delivering ample design interest at every detail, This bathroom is eclectically a one of a kind luxury statement.
The concept in the laundry room was to create a simple, easy to use and clean space with ample storage and a place removed from the central part of the home to house the necessity of the cats and their litter box needs. There was no need for glamour in the laundry room yet we were able to create a simple highly utilitarian space.
If there is one room in the home that requires frequent visitors to thoroughly enjoy with a huge element of surprise, it’s the powder room! This is a room where you know that eventually, every guest will visit. Knowing this, we created a bold statement with layers of intrigue that would leave ample room for fun conversation with your guests upon their prolonged exit. We kept the lights dim here for that intriguing experience of crafted elegance and created ambiance. The walls of peeling metallic rust are the welcoming gesture to a powder room experience of defiance and elegant mystical complexity.
It's a lucky house guest indeed who gets to stay in this newly remodeled home. This on-suite bathroom allows them their own space and privacy. Both Bedroom and Bathroom offer plenty of storage for an extended stay. Rift White Oak cabinets and sleek Silestone counters make a lovely combination in the bathroom while the bedroom showcases textured white cabinets with a dark walnut wrap.
Photo credit: Fred Donham of PhotographerLink

Esempio di un ingresso o corridoio contemporaneo di medie dimensioni —  Houzz
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