An East Bay Garden

This property has a wonderful juxtaposition of modern and traditional elements, which are unified by a natural planting scheme. Although the house is traditional, the client desired some contemporary elements, enabling us to introduce rusted steel fences and arbors, black granite for the barbeque counter, and black African slate for the main terrace. An existing brick retaining wall was saved and forms the backdrop for a long fountain with two stone water sources. Almost an acre in size, the property has several destinations. A winding set of steps takes the visitor up the hill to a redwood hot tub, set in a deck amongst walls and stone pillars, overlooking the property. Another winding path takes the visitor to the arbor at the end of the property, furnished with Emu chaises, with relaxing views back to the house, and easy access to the adjacent vegetable garden.

Photos: Simmonds & Associates, Inc.

Ispirazione per un ampio patio o portico contemporaneo dietro casa con piastrelle e una pergola —  Houzz
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J.F. Gordon ha aggiunto ciò in Hardscapes27 ott 2016

An East Bay Garden: A good example of a retaining wall as edging to an existing slate terrace with lighting detail. Not fond of the style rock used in this photo.

Alex Weinert ha aggiunto ciò in Landscape Ideas1 dic 2014

steep terracing; brick with plantings between tiers; water feature is a cool touch.

maureenhobson ha aggiunto ciò in maureenhobson's Ideas29 mag 2014

Stone brick combo retaining walls

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