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Foto di un soggiorno minimal aperto e di medie dimensioni con pareti bianche, parquet chiaro, pavimento beige e cornice del camino in mattoni
Mon Concept Habitation - London
Mon Concept Habitation - London
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An apartment that highlights blue

A neat and aesthetic project for this 83 m2 apartment. Blue is honored in all its nuances and in each room. First in the main room: the kitchen. The mix of cobalt blue, golden handles and fittings give it a particularly chic and elegant look. These characteristics are underlined by the countertop and the terrazzo table, light and discreet. In the living room, it becomes more moderate. It is found in furnitures with a petroleum tint. Our customers having objects in pop and varied colors, we worked on a neutral and white wall base to match everything. In the bedroom, blue energizes the space, which has remained fairly minimal. The denim headboard is enough to decorate the room. The wooden night tables bring a touch of warmth to the whole. Finally the bathroom, here the blue is minor and manifests itself in its indigo color at the level of the towel rail. It gives way to this XXL shower cubicle and its almost invisible wall, worthy of luxury hotels.
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