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Adirondack Style Inside & Out

More creations by Adirondack Artist Charles Atwood King! This is an example of his outdoor structures, porches and/or landscaping. We reproduce his oil paintings as giclée canvas prints found at

Foto di un giardino bohémian in ombra dietro casa —  Houzz
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Râhül SíÑgh lo ha aggiunto a design ideas for insta19 novembre 2020

4. Be at one with nature If you want a more natural seating area, especially if your garden is a bit wild and you like the idea of using rustic, naturally sourced local materials, could you build a lovely covered seating area? The one featured in the picture has been built to allow several people to sit together, and is similar to some of the thatched African-style gazebos on the market. With a roof, you can add lanterns for the evening and extend the hours you can enjoy your garden.

Irene Megina lo ha aggiunto a Ideas de Irene24 settembre 2019

esto me gusta mucho de echo una vallita para impedir la caida popr el terraplen podria ser asi con su banquito

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