Addison Real Thin Stone Veneer Covered Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, and Fireplace

Addison real thin stone veneer from the Quarry Mill adds elegant touches as pillars, surrounding walls, and a custom fireplace to this beautiful outdoor kitchen and covered patio. Addison is a dimensional style stone with the individual pieces having been sawn to specific heights. This formal looking style of stone is sometimes referred to as sawn height or tailored. Addison is shown here with heights of 2.25″, 5″ and 7.75″. For very large projects we can also add 10.5″ and 14.25″ heights if desired. The stone is cut specifically for a half-inch mortar joint and shown with standard grey mortar. For example, two 2.25″ pieces with a half-inch joint between them will perfectly align with a 5″ piece. A 5″ piece and a 2.25″ with a half-inch joint will perfectly align with a 7.75″ piece. If drystacking (a tight fit mortarless installation) is desired, the stone can be cut into custom sizes, for example, 3″, 6″ and 9″. Addison has been tumbled giving the stone an aged appearance yet it retains the clean lines of dimensional stone.

Foto di un patio o portico tradizionale dietro casa con pavimentazioni in pietra naturale e un tetto a sbalzo —  Houzz
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