In the ever expanding market of multi-family residential projects, we were approached with one main goal - create a luxury hospitality experience to rival any name brand destination a patron would aspire to visit. 7SeventyHouse is positioned on the West side of Hoboken amongst an emerging set of developments transforming the previously industrial section of the city. In order to compete with other signature properties not only is 7SeventyHouse ‘a brand new residential collection that is more a destination than simply a home’ BUT as a resident ‘you are a part of something bigger; a community thriving on tranquility, sustainability, innovation and a holistic approach to everyday living’. See, we nailed it (or so says the savvy marketing team paid to bring people to the property).

Esempio di un ampio ingresso design —  Houzz
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  • Ingresso o corridoio design
  • Ingresso design
  • Ampio ingresso
  • Contemporaneo Ingressi e Corridoi
  • Ingressi e Corridoi
  • Ingressi e Corridoi
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