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5th Street Residence

Designed by Norman Ward, AIA

Photo by Chad Davis, AIA

Idee per un giardino minimalista esposto in pieno sole davanti casa in inverno con scale —  Houzz
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Kathy Cox lo ha aggiunto a Landscaping design3 dicembre 2021


Annie Thornton lo ha aggiunto a How to Love the Late-Winter Garden29 gennaio 2020

Observe the SnowIf you live in a region that receives at least some of the white stuff, I encourage you to study how it interacts with your home landscape. As the snow falls, observe where the wind pushes it, which plants it circles and which sides of the house it hits. Where in the yard does it pile up the most? Observing this can help you understand which plants might fare the best in those places. These are plants that must carry a heavy snow or ice load, or that must thrive in wet conditions as the spring melt begins. Notice also how plants in the garden might gather more snow than open areas, and how the additional snow cover is beneficial to insulating plant crowns in your beds. That snow will add more moisture to the soil once the spring melting begins. Find a landscape designer on Houzz

Lisa G. lo ha aggiunto a Exterior Outdoors Porch Garden20 agosto 2018

Holy hell, what is that green bark tree?? A dogwood? LOVE.

Foto in 5th Street Residence - Norman Ward, Architect

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