2019 SMA StairCraft Awards - Best Spiral Stairway - Arcways, Inc

Aesthetic Value: Client required an upscale classical European look with minimalist features. Spiral became dramatic feature in customers home office.

Stair Safety: All the local municipal codes were followed and met.

Quality of Workmanship: Twelve sided mortised center column with minimalist engineered outside sawtooth stringer which is a very rare type of spiral stair.

Technical Challenge: It was the owners lack of vision at beginning of project that challenged us to make numerous aesthetic suggestions and mock ups until owner finally feel in love with the sawtooth spiral with 12-sided column design.

Idee per una scala a chiocciola chic con pedata in legno, alzata in legno e parapetto in metallo —  Houzz
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  • Scala chic
  • Scala a chiocciola
  • Classico Scale
  • Scale
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I commenti degli utenti:

mel_l_bias lo ha aggiunto a Yurt3 marzo 2022

Spiral staircase where steps are closed in with lock plate

Ann Holl lo ha aggiunto a Staircases5 ottobre 2021

Spiral to accommodate limited space

kamidon18 lo ha aggiunto a Other Inspiration3 aprile 2021

i like the two-toned color look (we do not like the the blue). the size of these steps look comfortable

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