What patio doors to go for??

Sam Pitkeathly
10 novembre 2016

We need to replace our lounge patio doors and really can't decide what design to go for. Ideally we would like to maximize light into the house, with as little frame (aluminium) as possible. Also, we like the idea of having two sliding doors sliding out from the centre of the space but not sure if this is possible or is the best option available.

The width of the window is approx 2m 45cm. and the Height is 2m 13cm.

Any advice very welcome!

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    Timber Master LTD

    Hi Sam

    Have you looked at slide and fold doors? Coastal have some good imagery on their page.

    Or traditional french doors as you have currently? If you made the doors wider then you would let in more light.

    French Doors · Maggiori informazioni

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    HBD Systems

    Hello Sam,

    The Air sliding door is a great product, and they have launched a new thinner profile for a thinner sight line reducing the profile! If a slim sigh line is important we also can show you Schuco bifold doors.

    If you would like to talk more about your options give us a shout, we are more than happy to help!



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    we used uk bifold for a client fantastic product & service

  • Sam Pitkeathly

    Thanks but I don't think bi-fold doors will work for our outdoor space. They will end up protruding onto the decking area so we feel sliding doors or doors that pin back would be best suited.

  • tidymind

    Hi Sam, you can choose whether your bifold doors fold outwards or inwards, when they are open you cant beat the uninterrupted views which the sliding doors wont give you. You look to have some stunning views there.

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    HBD Systems

    Morning Sam,

    The sliding doors which we sent previously could be the best options for you :) If you'd like to send us over your estimated sizes we would be happy to give you an estimate to help you moving forward with your project.

    Kind Regards Hannah

    Sam Pitkeathly thanked HBD Systems
  • Sam Pitkeathly

    Hi Hannah, yes please could you send over a quote? Width is 2m 45cm and the Height is 2m 13cm. My email is

  • PRO
    HBD Systems

    Of course! I will send this over shortly.


  • PRO

    Hi Sam,

    As manufacturers, suppliers and installers of glazing - including award winning versions of both sliding doors and bifold doors (and therefore not biased towards either system) there are a couple of options that we would suggest.

    In terms of the things to consider when choosing the right type of system for you, we actually wrote a blog on this very subject that you may find of interest.

    Normally for the size of opening you have our initial recommendation would be bifold doors, including aluminium, timber or composite options, simply for the ability to create a complete opening. The German designed and made, award winning SUNFLEX SF55 doors have the narrowest profile of any aluminium system on the market at 115mm and includes a number of completely unique features, making them the most advanced doors on the market, having said all of that we note your concerns regarding the space taken up on the balcony. At 2.45m we would have suggested a three-panel bifold set that provides a single access door for every-day use.

    The other option we would recommend is theEDGE, our award winning ultra-slim sliding door system with narrow intermediate sightlines of just 24mm. This system wouldn't allow you to create a complete opening, but when closed would truly maximise both your view over the valley and the amount of light you get into the room, plus would not take up space on the decking. At 2.45m wide we would normally install a two-panel door that would allow you to open half the aperture or a a three-panel system that would allow you to have an opening of c.1.6m.

    As a manufacturer, supplier and installer you would deal with us throughout, and our own fifteen dedicated fitting teams cover the entire country. If you would like any more information about any of our products or services let me know, or if you are happy for us to do so we can prepare a quote for either of the products above based on your measurements.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Sam,

    Please take a moment to have a look at the ECO+ bi-fold sliding patio doors.

    They have a stylish aluminium finish, energy efficient design and robust construction. We promise you'll save money without compromising on quality :)

    There are a range of options to choose from or we can quote you for a bespoke design.

    We're more than happy to give you more information about ECO+ patio doors without the hard sell on 01304 219922 or find out more on our website.


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    IQ Glass UK

    Hi Sam

    To have as little frame as possible you should go for a sliding door system. If you want as little frame as possible I would recommend that you have less sliding panes. The opening that you have would suit a two pane sliding door, this would give you maximum glass and minimal frame.

    There are a range of minimal framed systems that I would recommend depending on your budget. The most minimal would be the minimal windows system with a 21mm frame or a lower cost option would be the Sieger 30 system with a 30mm sightline. The Sieger system cannot do the pane sizes that minimal windows can but for your small patio door opening it should be fine.

    Below are some of our two panel sliding door installations for an idea on frame sizes:

    Bryanston Mews · Maggiori informazioni

    Chaldon Road · Maggiori informazioni

    Claremont Square · Maggiori informazioni

    White Lodge · Maggiori informazioni

    Any questions please let me know. We have a wide range of minimal framed sliding door systems, as well as bi folding doors if that is your preference, on show at the showroom in Amersham. Let me know if you want to arrange an appointment to visit.


    01494 722 880

    Sky House, Raans Road, Amersham, HP6 6JQ

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