What color was the stain from Sashco? Thanks!

Deanna Rich
26 settembre 2016
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  • Thomas Elliott

    That is Goldtone Light

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  • Deanna Rich

    Thank you for the quick reply! Were you happy with it? Did you find it to "golden yellow"? We are staining cedar shingles and were thinking of using the Gold Medium or Red Tone Light. We have a pine post and beam home. The bottom is natural stone from K2 stone - Vancouver Island, BC

  • Deanna Rich

    What species wood are the logs and the trim?

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  • mrfileio


    I found some comments of yours on from 2013 and they looked to be independent and honest. Then I looked up your name and CO and found you really are in the business - so refreshing!

    I'm ready to invest $25K in refinishing my white pine cabin in N. AZ near Flagstaff and I am leaning heavily toward Sashco Transformation. The front of the cabin is SW facing and takes the brunt of the wind and UV.

    My question to you, the professional, is, are you still a proponent of Transformation? Also, I've heard that the darker pigments hold up better to the UV but prefer Golden light versus Golden Medium. Thoughts on the pros/cons?

    Also, in the test samples I applied to my woodshed with the same logs, the colors were more dull than the image in this post. Did you apply something on top of the Transformation to get that sheen?

    I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Thanks, Chris

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    Log Home Finishing LLC Thomas Elliott


    Thanks for contacting. We can certainly help you with your log home in Flagstaff. Log Home Finishing, my company, is the largest log home maintenance company in Colorado.

    We use Transformation the most on our log Home finishing projects. To achieve the sheen it requires at least 3 coats. We do not add anything else or a top coat for example, just multiple coats of Transformation. Most important is to start with clean wood and don't apply over any other existing product. I agree that the dark will have more longevity than the light.

    Your samples are dull because your wood hasn't been prepared properly for oil based finishing or you need more coats, but more likely the prep work is not sufficient enough.

    How else may I help?

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