Two pendants over long dining table - size advice

Steven Brown
26 gennaio 2019


We currently have a single, large pendant over our dining table. It came with the house and isn't really our style. We're looking to replace it with two smaller pendants, but I'm a bit uncertain on the size range that will be proportional to the table when two are hung.

Here's a shot of the current layout. The pendant is 29" in diameter and 17" high, and the table is 84" x 42". The room is just about 13' x 13' with 8.3' ceilings. We would be adding some discreet recessed lighting and getting rid of the Ikea floor lamp as part of this project, too.

Given the table's 42" width, what size lamps would you suggest we consider if we hang two of them above the table? Some of our current favorites are from Louis Poulsen, fwiw.


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  • latifeh hammad
    Have you considered the longer ones instead of two I’m not saying I don’t like your idea but sometimes it’s good to know your options
  • latifeh hammad
    Something like that
  • Steven Brown

    I have considered a linear pendant -- Schoolhouse Electric makes a nice clean one -- but for now am more drawn to round pendants.

  • Steven Brown

    I'll add this: I've read sizing guidelines all over the Interwebz that suggest a single pendant be 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the table. But I haven't found much info about the sizing of two pendants. One retail site made a passing reference to 1/3 the width, but I'm looking for more real-world guidance before I drop $$$ and cut holes in the plaster...

  • latifeh hammad
    Then what you really need is one of the designers who help all the time like Beth H
  • Steven Brown

    Bump...any other 2 cents? Thanks!

  • latifeh hammad
    I found that and I think it looks awesome
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    I'd say your current one is too wide. since you have lower ceilings, I'd go for something a bit smaller.

    General rule is 30" apart. If you like the 29" size, that's your call, but I'd do something at least a 1/3 smaller (than the current one)

    here is the one style you mentioned.

    However, what is the style of your dining room? right now, I don't see anything in there that would compliment this modern style of lighting. Your table is somewhat generic, the chairs I don't even know, the family style bench and whatever those two console things are hanging out in the vicinity!

    Lets get an idea of the look you're going for first, then decide on your pendants.

    I like his lights in a room done like this: (this would work well for your table)

    or, how about his linear light fixture? takes the measuring work out of your hands

    I really like this look w/the dark wall, white cabs, simple chairs, dark table.

    I like this one too if you prefer to have the larger pendants

    not a fan of the over-sized. But if you like it, here's how you do it!

    some other visuals

    Steven Brown thanked Beth H. :
  • Steven Brown

    Thanks Beth. The room is a spartan work-in-progress, I admit ;-) The table and matching bench are the The Joinery's "Whitman" in white oak (which they call "MCM inspired"). The four Bontempi brown leather chairs are from KCC Modern that we bought for our prior house about 15 years ago. The blue metal console is from Room & Board, a stopgap until we figure out the room.

    Two of the photos you posted include my front-runner pendants: the PH 5 and the PH 3-1/2 - 3 (with the glass shade). I am pretty sure that two 19" diameter PH5s would work with the 42" wide table based on what I've seen on display at DWR and Carl Hansen. But I'm less certain about the 13" PH 3-1/2. Would you hang two of them over a table of that width? Or would they still look too diminutive even as a pair placed 30-odd inches apart?

    Thank you!

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    i think the 19" would be perfect. 13 may be a bit small, although you could do 3-4 of them placed closer together. The last picture w/the trio is closer than 30"

    blow up balloons to the diameter you're considering and hang them from a string. It's not ideal, but it will give you a visual

    Steven Brown thanked Beth H. :
  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    oh, you had me at the mention of louis poulsen. his collaboration with poul henningsen has added so much life and light to many spaces. hope you will use those fixtures.
  • PRO
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