rugs and lighting over table

frankie 266
27 gennaio 2019

Hello Houzzers, I need your help. First, do i have to use matching rugs under table and the couch area? Should I do a round rug in the couch area to break up all the squareness in my house? also what light ficture would you put over table?

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  • kootenaycapable
    The area rugs need to coordinate not match. Do not put a round rug in your living area. If you want something less square, do it in the accessories. Even a fabric with rounded shapes will work. Can you move your sectional back at all? That area is looking cramped compared to the others.
  • Utente-248100612

    Since your table looks to be square, you might want to consider a round drum like light fixture..

    Not sure if something along these lines would work? Looks like your might have to swag the light if the connection is not directly over your table?

    This one could be swagged and looks to match the color of your chairs somewhat.

  • Manon Floreat

    I'd also opt for a round chandelier and perhaps repeat the shape in the living area with a round coffee table. I don't think you have enough room in the dining area for a rug. You'd want about the rug to extend about 30" from all sides of the table. It looks like the widow wall would prevent that.

    For the living area, a standard rectangular would be my choice. I'd liked to see the sectional pulled away from the TV wall to allow for proper positioning of the rug.

  • PRO
    Razzetti Italy

    Some small and white ceramic chandelier would be a good you have some photos, more of it and frre consulting on our houzz profile or our web site,

    all the best.

    Razzetti Italy

  • frankie 266
    thank you for the great suggestions. Love the round coffee table idea. Yhe comment about cramped is so true! I plan on moving the blue piece for something smaller and lighter and mounting t.v. cant move couch back - theres a slider. im also done with dark furniture so legs and chairs are going lighter - grey!
  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    In the ceiling in dining area there is the outlet for a chandelier. Move the table under it.

    Investigate a sqaure rug, at least two feet bigger all around the table so that chairs sit on the rug.

    You don’t need a rug in the living area, as it is a pretty tight area, so if you get an upholstered bench/coffee table it and a couple of pillows on the sofa all will add color and texture.

  • frankie 266

    Went with a round drum chandelier and centered table under it. I love it. so happy with the results.

  • kootenaycapable
    I like your choices! Amazing what a difference some small changes can make.
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    IMO a rug under the table will just create a tripping hazard coming off the stairs and unless you pull the table out into the walkway you have no room for a rug, get a small awesome rug for the LR and what you have done is perfect.

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