Help! new Kohler Underscore BubbleMassage tub came leaking twice :(

Judy Nash
15 marzo 2016
Ultima modifica:15 marzo 2016

My husband and I splurged and got the $4000+ Kohler Underscore tub with BubbleMassage + VibrAcoustic. However the tub arrived with leaks. Kohler agreed to send a new tub, but the second tub came leaking also!

After talking to local supplier and Kohler multiple times, we can only get credits to another Kohler tub but no refund.

At this point, our options are:

1) Order the exact same tub for the third time, hoping this is not a manufacturer issue that will cause the third tub to leak on arrival or shortly after.

2) Exchange the tub to Kallista Small Perfect tub with BubbleMassage. This will require redo the plumbing and framing already done for the 60 x 30 x 19 Underscore to 60 x 32 x 22 Kallista.

3) Continue to talk to Kohler or the local supplier into giving us a refund... somehow.

Anyone has experience with the Kallista or Kohler tub mentioned? What would you do in our shoes?

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  • mrsshayne

    If the refund is not an option then I would tell them you'll try a 3rd tub but if it doesn't work then you're done, and demand a refund if the 3rd tub doesn't work. I would be scared to accept such an $$ tub after two didn't work. Make sure there is a good warranty if you do take a third tub.

    Remember, you are the customer and you paid a lot of money for something that didn't work. Kohler and the supplier need to work with you. If you paid by credit card I'd be disputing the transaction.

    And redo the plumbing for a different tub? That sounds expensive.

  • jellytoast

    It sounds like you will be redoing the framing regardless unless you go for the same tub a third time. If there wasn't another Kohler tub that I wanted, I would be pushing harder for the refund and/or look into disputing the transaction via the CC company. It's not like you simply changed your mind. You received two leaking tubs and have lost confidence in the product (I don't blame you).

  • PRO

    Hi dottycat, we're sorry that you're having issues with your bathtub. We'd like to work with you on this. Please email our customer service team at Thank you!

  • mikekellerva

    Yup, apparently a problem with this stupid model of tub (and I suspect the strike that Kohler had too late last year). Ours was delayed weeks because of the strike, it finally arrived with one of the control panels broken and inoperable (and in the end, the wrong one installed too we found out). After _7_ calls to Kohler support to get the right part (and they had to send us the one in the wrong color along with a new trim ring to swap out because they didn't even have the right one available), now after the third use, the tub leaked and flooded our kitchen, despite the plumbers having run it extensively on the install. They fixed that leak (which required tearing open a hole in the tile to reach), and now it leaks from two additional places. They have now offered to replace the tub (if _we_ return the couple hundred pound piece of junk to the place of purchase), but of course, it's undermounted under a quartz slab, so that's going to cost more than the price of the tub to replace. Unbelievable...and based on this, I'm doubtful a replacement would work anyway. Way to go, Kohler...glad we went with your products for their quality.

  • PRO
    Hudson Smith Interiors

    I'm curious, are your Underscore tubs leaking from the air bubble part, or is it a leak in the main part of the tub? I was planning to purchase an Underscore soaking tub (no jets), and now wondering if I should be re-thinking this. It was so darn comfy, though!

  • mikekellerva

    For us, it appears to be related to the air system. The first one (that was repaired) was in the outside of the tub on the back at about the height of the bubble holes - once the water level went over those holes, the leak started. The two new ones are from two different places where the pipes for the air go into the structure of the tub, again leaking once the water level goes above those holes. For us, part of the appeal of the bubble massage is we have had problems in the past at our prior house with a traditional whirlpool where the pump leaked, the explanation we had is the bubble system had a valve so water does not get into the piping so it would not have the chance to leak. Apparently that's not totally accurate...

  • PRO
    Hudson Smith Interiors

    Thanks @mikekellerva! Good luck with your tub replacement.

  • Judy Nash

    I believe it's a manufacture issue as well. Another person on Amazon also had an underscore leaked twice (see here). The salesperson we purchased the tub from is Kohler's No.1 tub Salesman in the nation & he has never sold any leaky tub until ours (but he has never sold our specific configuration neither).

    @Hudson - For us both tubs were leaking from main tub body, not the air pump part (both are on the tub bottoms in different location). I won't buy the tub if I were you. A leaking tub is super costly and painful to fix. My husband and I had already spent an extra $3000, 20+ hours to work with Kohler & 5 months wait for new tubs to come in.

    @mikekellerva - very very sorry to hear what happened to you. After reading your review, I am thankful to have the tubs leak on arrival instead of post-install.

    At the rate Kohler tubs are failing, we might need to form a Kohler Tub Leaks Support Group.... :(

  • Judy Nash

    This post has made Google's No.1 link when searching for "Kohler Underscore leaks". After I mentioned this to Kohler, Kohler gave me a full refund on the tub. I still ended up lost about $2000, but much better than what it would have been. If your underscore tub leaks, contact Kohler!

  • Teresa Snyder

    Omg, I am so glad I found this site because we are currently dealing with a leaking problem from our Kohler tub that is only a year old! The whole bathroom remodel was such a pain and I was so excited to at least have my bubble Kohler tub installed and now the whole nightmare is beginning again! This tub is leaking to the downstairs floor of our house and also smells very bad when you run the bubble jets!! The first one we got sent to us Was damaged and so we had to wait weeks to get a replacement and now that I am experiencing these problems and hearing what others have Experienced as well, I will never buy from Kohler again! Kohler is supposed to be the leading product? I will never ever buy a Kohler product again because now I have to figure out a way to replace my tub that is surrounded by glass and tile to correct the problem! Leaving me with thousands of dollars to fix! Kohler sucks

  • Samy Benalloul
    Theresa what Kohler tubb do you have i am having the same problem what did you end up doing
  • Samy Benalloul
    Mine is the Archer K- 1947G
  • Pam Franzman

    I am on my second underscore free standing air tub. Two of them have leaked My basement cieling and walls have been repaired three times now with a forth one needed. Kohler representative stated he would refund our money since Kohler had no replacement options. Now, Kohler says it is. Warranty issue and want to retrofit the drain. We are not happy with this option. We have requested a meeting with management of Kohler but this has fallen on deaf ears. So frusfrated, to spend so much money on a tub that it is obvious it has a design issue.

  • PRO
    Studio 49 Home Design Group, LLC
    I can add to this thread. We have a new build home and the builder installed the Kohler Archer 66” bubble massage tub in a rarely used guest bathroom. The black sealant material has failed so when you fill the tub just over the holes the water pours over the top. From what I have been told there is no fix. To replace the tub is a major projects that requires removing our tile and portions of the walls, trim, the toilet etc. As a designer I have specified a lot of Kohler product. Their response to this issue will impact my use of Kohler going forward.
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