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Rapporto: Cliente
Data progetto: ottobre 2016
Costo del progetto: superiore a 100.000 €
We had an extremely positive experience working with John Deforest and lead architect Michael Knowles on a remodel of our Northwest Contemporary home.

On the initial walk-through, rather than focusing on what was wrong with the house, they primarily spent time on the strengths of the home and the thoughtfulness of the initial design. Through the entire project John and Michael focused a great deal on further enhancing those strengths, rather than trying to push a different direction. This staying true to the home ultimately resulted in very elegant and natural re-design.

John and Michael are very strong listeners and took the time to really "get in our heads". They wanted to know how we use each part of the home and what our goals of the redesign were. They have a handful of helpful exercises that get that conversation going but ultimately it seemed like most of the magic was made during long Q&A sessions at our dining room table. They seemed to really internalize where we wanted to go and they delivered that in the design.

They are both very creative. Once we had the initial design in place, it was amazing to watch them improvise during conversations and on the fly draft really interesting alternatives. This approach made us feel like we efficiently analyzed a broad range of possibilities around every major decision, giving us comfort that we were making informed choices.

They incorporated technology to enhance the project. The use of virtual reality to fully explore the space was very helpful. We were able to video conference into meetings we couldn't make in person. And the sharing of information using online tools was all very efficient and easy. But ultimately, even if we were in the old days of back and forth with plans on paper, I think it would have been a great experience because it all comes down to the people and John and Michael are terrific.
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Rapporto: Collega
Data progetto: agosto 2013
Costo del progetto: superiore a 100.000 €
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